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 AHF All hardwood floor ltd
Vancouver BC
604 603 7317

Friday, March 9, 2018

AHF All Hardwood floor ltd tm is a Vancouver Based hardwood floor business

AHF Allhardwoodfloor Ltd is a trademarked name in CANADA it belongs to Ken Moersch
it has come to my attention that others in Canada especially Alberta hardwood floors Alberta  and antique hardwood floor Ontario  have no right to use the AHF in conjunction with floors or hardwood floors

AHF Allhardwoodfloor Ltd is a trademarked name in CANADA it belongs to Ken Moersch


it has come to my attention that others in Canada especially Alberta hardwood floors Alberta  and Antique hardwood floor Ontario  have no right to use the AHF in conjunction with floors or hardwood floors


When I contacted Tony from Antique hardwood floors he sent me threatening message which I have kept the  transcription below


From : 9058258551, Feb 07, 2018, 01:01:15 PM, 31 sec.


"Hello Ken Tony from Antique Hardwood Flooring. I see some discrepancy with my name. Well I hate to tell you this but it was registered in 88. So and I was incorporated in 88. So either you take your name down or we'll have to take action as well. So it's up to you you wanna create an issue with this I'll be more than happy just get my lawyers involved until then give me a call when you can discuss this more in detail. Have a great day."


My response , 


Nobody threatens me fella,  you are on the wrong side of the argument if your lawyers are gonna get involved they are dumber than you, go right ahead... I am more that willing to bring counterclaim or suite.


This is another example of how other floor business are bullying I can tell you that if the shoes were on the other foot, I would have explored the possibility that I may be in the wrong.



 I guess that s why I'm one of the very best craftsmen on this this side of the country at least I am considerate.


I don't want any confusion out in the industry as I am a British Columbia Certified red seal registered tradesman of 35 years experience.

All the works that you see on line ie:…Gymnasium floors, high end multi million dollar residences .videos pictures are all works done by my own two hands.

My family is currently living in Ontario and I am planning on coming out east to do  gymnasium floor refinishing and practice my artistry of logo and symbol painting as I am a multi faceted artist.

I don’t want you associated with me …period .



I take the finished floor products to my brand AHF so if you type in the google search engine my company name( AHF Allhardwoodfloor Ltd.) and click Images.





 *notice how he said incorporated and registered, when my issue is trademark.


so .....I have to deal with another ignorant peon.


When your ready to apologize and act like areal human being  maybe then one day success will find you.

Might I remind you that my allies include the largest unionized companies here in Vancouver and that you are going to miss out on creating a working relation ship and in its place you have created a very negative uncooperative stance.


 Stop using the AHF you have no claim on This acronym as it applies to wood floor s floors or hardwood floor.


The above trade mark specifically states( name or logo)


One way you can figure this out is..... if you try an apply for a trademark.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Antique brown stained, red oak and fir hardwood floor refinishing in a 40's west side Vancouver remodeled

Antique brown stained red oak and fir hardwood floor Vancouver hardwood floor restoration approximately 60 years old flooring has been sanded back to bare wood and finely sanded to a burnish before applying  stain and Gold seal Swedish finishing for that luxurious and subtle look. the varnish coating is the only product that hides the scratching as the floor takes the wear and tear

Friday, November 13, 2015

Spice brown stained matte varnished red oak hardwood floor refinishing near Vancouver -Richmond

AHF's Authentic Glitsa gold seal Swedish finish system.

Here is the whole system shown in layers from the trowel coat to the top coat.

Trowelling of the gold seal Glitsa BACCA two component floor sanding sealer.

Trowelling of the Gold seal Bacca
AHF-Allhardwoodfloor WEBSITE

The first heavy mopped coat over the trowelled coats with BACCA


The Authentic Glitsa Gold Seal Swedish finish conversion varnish top coat

This is the original Gold seal and not the lite scent version of Matte

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Green Hybrid and Gold seal Swedish finish system from AHF All Hardwood ...

AHF All hardwood floor's website

AHF signature specialty Swedish finish for hardwood floor refinishing a special kind of Varnish, Port Coquitlam

Glitsa Gold Seal Swedish Finish a conversion varnish coating refinishing of a Red Oak prefinished Tongue and groove hardwood floor in Port Coquitlam BC.

AHF All hardwood floor Ltd WEBSITE refinishing Vancouver BC

this is a video walk through of A re sanding and finishing of a three and a quarter inch face tongue and groove hardwood floor this job is finished in my Glitsa gold seal specialty finish


Green Hybrid hardwood floor finishes featuring AHF All hardwood floor Ltd. TM Vancouver {Coquitlam} BC.

AHF All Hardwood Floor Ltd tm           604 603 7317

Vancouver hardwood floor refinishing and Installation services offering three major types of beautiful floor finishes coatings

.............Green Hybrid floor finishes-

Conversion Varnish sealer and Glitsa Max 2 component commercial Water borne